Women and Flowers

Some woman really like flowers and they appreciate the value of it. Some are not that fond of flowers, but all women all over the world appreciate the gesture if they’re given flowers.

women holding bouquet of flowers

If you’re interested in someone, don’t buy flowers if you haven’t gotten to know them a bit first. Flowers for the first date is fine, but don’t buy flowers before then. Buying a girl flowers to let her know you’re interested in her before you’ve even spoken to her could make her uncomfortable and ruin any chance you have of getting to know her better.

If you give a woman flowers and she lets you know that she’s not really into flowers, you can save yourself from a lot of awkwardness by selling her on the idea of why you bought them. You can tell her that you think she’s really beautiful and you were trying to find something as beautiful as she is to give her, but couldn’t think of anything. Flowers were the closest thing you could think of. Tell her you hope she’ll keep the flowers in her room and whenever she looks at them, she’ll be reminded of you and how beautiful you think she is.

When it comes to buying flowers for the person you’re dating or married to, good flower choices are roses and lilies. They may seem cliché, but unless she’s not a fan of them, these flowers are better than the others, because they’re specific in what you’re trying to express.

Roses express deep romance, passion and love. What makes them even better is, they won’t aggravate pollen allergies. Lilies are exotic flowers that are extremely beautiful, but they can aggravate pollen allergies. For an awesome range of rose bouquets that can be delivered online, see Fabulous Flowers roses delivery.

When it comes to your anniversary or any other romantic occasion, you should choose a big bouquet of red roses. When it comes to first dates, buy a single rose or a small bouquet of roses or lilies. A big bouquet of red roses will convey your undying love for her whereas a small bouquet or single rose will be romantic, without going overboard. Lilies are great for non-occasions and surprise bouquets.

You can be creative when it comes to giving her flowers. Once you’ve been dating for a while and you know this is the woman you want to marry, you could arrange with someone she lives with to allow you into her room while she’s out and lay 3-4 dozen red roses all over her room. Another good idea is to have roses as a centerpiece and can scatter rose petals on a white table cloth and make a romantic candlelit dinner for her. Whether she loves flowers or not, she’ll love this idea.

There are so many unusual and romantic concepts when it comes to giving flowers. All it takes is some imagination and creativity. If you don’t come up with anything, you can always search online for romantic ideas for giving her flowers.

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