Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Our Favourite PDF and OCR Software Application

Although Adobe Acrobat was the leader in its class for years, the original version became outdated as newer technologies came about. However, Adobe came back with a bang when it introduced Acrobat Document Cloud, more commonly known as Acrobat DC.

The new Acrobat DC comes in two versions, namely, Acrobat Standard DC and Acrobat Professional DC, and as is the case with all Adobe software nowadays, these apps are only available on a monthly subscription basis and not as a once-off purchase. This means that, rather than forking out a huge lumpsum to purchase the app, you can have access to it by paying smaller monthly subscription fees. Another advantage of the monthly subscription is that if any updates are made to the program, it will be available to you right away.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

It should come as no surprise that Acrobat Pro DC is the most popular PDF (portable document format) conversion and OCR (optical character recognition) software application. It has an intuitive and simple interface, the best OCR conversion performance and can export files to Microsoft Office docs accurately.

Downloading and installing Acrobat DC is easy and the intuitive icons make it simple to locate and use the functions you’ll need. There’s also a setup wizard that will guide you through the OCR process.

Pages containing images, text and tables can be converted to editable PDF documents flawlessly. They’ll retain the exact layouts, fonts and tables of the original document and you’ll be able to search for specific text. Whether you take pics with your cell phone or import documents electronically or by means of scanning, you’ll be able to edit images using the image-editing tools and edit text or convert it to a different file format, using the OCR capability. If you’re working with multiple pages and larger projects, use the multi-page document recognition and batch OCR processing to speed up the conversion process.

What makes this software even better, is the storage cloud, integration and electronic signature features, because they make it possible to share large files with multiple recipients, who will be able to access, comment on, or sign them from anywhere, on any device.

Offering the latest technology, significantly improved export options, intuitive icons, as well as the integration, cloud service and e-sign capability, Adobe Acrobat DC has managed to outshine providers of similar services and surpass all expectation yet again, making it our favourite PDF and OCR software application to date.

Traits of a Reputable SEO Company

Millions of companies across the world are competing to market their products and services online. Every business needs to hire the services of a reputable search engine optimization (SEO) company to improve their online presence.

SEO generally focuses on improving the visibility of the business on the web. Local SEO is a good option for businesses looking to improve their services within their local area. meeting with SEO consultantAn example of this is if you have a business in Cape Town and you’d like to reach a Cape Town audience. There is also national SEO which focuses on country-wide exposure. International SEO will promote your company globally. Each of these options are long term investments that will make your business stand out from its competitors. Good SEO can therefore help the business to improve its visibility both locally, nationally and globally, in a sustainable way. Read more here

Some of the services offered by SEO agencies, like IM Applied, include online marketing, web optimization consultancy, web designing, SEO strategy, SEO audits, copywriting, keyword research and link building. Just the same way customers are working hard to find a trustworthy SEO agency, SEO agencies are also working hard to achieve the status of being the best in the market. Here are some traits that a reputable SEO company should have.


A SEO specialist has a highly analytical mind and should be able to formulate a strategy to achieve your business goals, regardless of potential obstacles.

A SEO professional knows that since each client is unique, each campaign will be unique. He or she should therefore be flexible enough to have different strategies in place for each client.

Information about a successful campaign should be shared with the client. A trustworthy SEO should be comfortable sharing information with clients, and be able to determine the level of information shared with clients without necessarily exposing their formula.

A reliable SEO firm should be able to respond to customer needs promptly. As much as these companies are busy working on their campaigns, meeting customer needs forms part of improving their reputation.

The SEO industry is a very competitive one and sometimes SEO experts may get immersed in work and forget about their primary obligations to clients. A dedicated campaign manager is therefore a key person in ensuring that the SEO’s relationship with its clients is up to date. A good SEO agency will therefore maintain a consistent relationship with its clients.

Delivering Results
A SEO agency will be considered reputable based on its deliverability. Clients pay for the SEO services and expect nothing less than the results promised by the SEO consultant.

A reputable SEO company will assist its clients to increase visibility, increase sales, improve product awareness, acquire new customers and get a competitive edge over their rivals. It will also deliver long term revenue and results while fostering a very strong relationship with its clients.